Mobile Fleet and Services

Providing versatile bolting services with our mobile unit division

As we consistently strive to bring customers training, equipment, spare parts and expert service, our mobile unit service line is the latest evidence that Aztec’s service is unparalleled in the industry. Contact us to learn more or request on site service.


A Fleet of Mobile Units at Your Service

Our mobile units bring skilled, reliable technicians to your site, increasing efficiency and reducing equipment downtime to get your project back on track. In an industry where time is of the utmost importance, maintenance whenever and wherever you need can make all the difference. Aztec Bolting Services professionals can get to your job sites anywhere in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma as well as surrounding states. Our Mobile Calibration Fleet can provide more versatile services than ever before from Control Bolting Training on site to calibration of your products.


Onsite Calibration Services

If your operations require the use of industrial torque wrenches, it’s worth making sure your tools are properly calibrated. Aztec field technicians have the experience and knowledge to advance your project, save time, increase production and reduce downtime through on-site bolting services. Aztec Bolting is ISO 17025 Accredited and NIST Standardized.


Reduce downtime. Get your tools repaired fast.

We offer the fastest turnaround time on industrial tool repair for torque and tension equipment. We provide comprehensive tool repair for all our products as well as repairs from brands we do not carry. If tools break, require replacement or aren’t readily available, we house a vast inventory of rental tools for critical bolting applications to get your project back on track.